Black History Month

Promotional Poster

February is the The Black History Month where we celebrate all the milestones, successes, and accomplishments of African Americans in the context of Black History. It is a great opportunity to remind us that albeit subtle, systemic racism still exists in the fabric of our everyday lives. 

Black History Month

Challenge:  Even though the topic isn't uncommon knowledge, the content of Black History and Violence against African Americans can be quite heavy and dark, which leads to low service turn outs. In order to nonetheless promote and encourage both younger and older people to attend service to listen about the topic, I wanted to create something meaningful and inspiring.

Ideation:  Instead of just simply using words to remind people that there is a service dedicated on Black Women and their experience within the context of racism and oppression, I was focused on finding images that would also offer hope and courage. I didn't want the poster to be just "informational," which can get wordy.

Final Poster:  An African American Woman looking up into the sky is juxtaposed against a limitless sky. This image is inspirational and serves as a motivational reminder that limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. Heavy historical information was replaced with a short poem to stir interest, a nice little touch that led to conversation and unexpected higher turn outs. Collectively, this design overcame the challenge of encouraging people to attend a heavy topic.