An app made to make
voting easy
Elections Ontario

Project Summary

The project consists of the work I did to 
address the problem that our last provincial election had the worst voting turnout in election history.  My job is to design an informational mobile site that appeals to users between the ages of 18-24. The app should help them to select a party to vote for, with a focus to provide users with information about the issues that are important to them and allow them to compare issues across political parties. That way, it can help determine where they stand. The design should engage younger voters and encourage them to vote. 

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Brand Tone

Lighthearted: For our users,  learning about candidates isn't exactly a trip to  the music festival on a summer night. The goal is to keep information as light as possible to avoid analysis paralysis. 

Clear: We're presenting information on election candidates and major political issues. Our goal is to be clear. As such, we need to avoid clutter and maximize the use of white space. 

Reliable : Even though our product conveys a sense of playfulness, it needs to exude trustworthiness 

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