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Project Summary

The following pieces consist of the work I helped to design for hyprAUDIO.


The goal was to create the UI & UX for a new feature called

"Music Highlights," which allows Music Curators (who work to find songs i. for the right moment ii. for the right mood at Ad agency or Film/TV Studio) to Trim a specific section of the song (i.e. 30 seconds) for review, instead of asking stakeholders to listen to the entirety of the song, which may be time consuming.    

My design needed to be simple, intuitive, and human centered. 

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I am asked to examine hyprAUDIO.com as it stands right now in the following video.

Step one: Users search for songs.

Step two: Users preview/play songs on the site.

Step three: Users add those songs to the playlist.

Within these outlined steps, my task is to create a brand new path for the Music Highlights within these established steps. 


Why was the Scissor Icon placed on the Results Page? (a) The Results page is where the users will see a list of song results based on their search. (b) From here,  users can click on on the icon to preview the song itself, add to playlist, and more. 

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The Results Page was chosen as the new starting point for the

Music Highlights feature by adding a "scissor" icon, which implies an editing or trimming of music functionality (See below).


User also is able to curate a playlist on the right. Therefore, in order to not disrupt the existing task flow of song discovery and playlist creation, the most logical placement of the Scissor Icon is ideally a place before the song is added into the curated song list, which can be seen on the following picture.

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Music Highlights

With Music Highlights, Music Curators can trim the song they wish to share to their stakeholders, down to the exact minute or seconds, which can save time and add value.