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C  A  S  E    S  T  U  D  Y  

On May 9, 2022, Meta opened their first retail store in Burlingame, California to display their line up of physical products, much like Apple and Google with their list of consumer hardware open for shoppers to try out in a physical setting. Ahead of this launch, complex campaign messages were reshaped, retargeted, and redistributed on Facebook and Instagram (i) to reach VR & AR enthusiast and (ii) to increase sales of its products, which led to a 67% increase in sales of flagship merchandise. 



increase in sales of VR headsets



increase in purchase conversions


T  H  E    S  T  O  R  Y 


In the years to come, Meta aims to push the boundaries of our imaginati0n and bring the Metaverse to life to help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. 

- CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Connect 2021


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Elevating VR headset sales

T  H  E    G  O  A  L   


T  H  E    G  O  A  L   


Driving VR headset sales

To rebrand Oculus Quest 2, to encourage more people to visit its hardware store, and to convert that consumer traffic into higher VR headset sales.        


T  H  E    S  O  L  U  T  I  O  N   


Simplifying the Message

In short, the Metaverse is a replaced reality we can choose to enter or exit with a VR headset. Even though it is branded by Mark as a place where we can play, work, and hangout, an uncommon yet difficult question to ask is: How long can one be expected to enjoy the Metaverse as another layer of reality if we are asked to stay there for multiple facets of our lives? Can we really ignore the semantic dichotomy of "work vs. play" that is deeply seated and rooted in our collective unconscious?

For example, if the Quest 2 is a routine gateway into our 9-5pm Metaverse office from home, would we still be able to derive any intrinsic satisfaction by staying in the Metaverse again to attend a Justin Bieber concert between 6pm-10pm inside our apartment? If our lasting memory of the Oculus Quest 2 needed to be a brilliant gateway into this mysterious yet fantastical place to be, and not just a mundane tool for work, would it be strategically prudent if the Quest 2 was branded as an invitation to Dare, to Dream, and to Play? 



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Adults aged 20 and over were targeted by the prospecting campaign, including those with AR-VR related interests. For people who visited a shop but hasn't made a purchase, it was decided to push ads and reengage with retargeting strategies and schedule.  

Ads in all campaigns included a powerful, subliminal, and yet harmless call to action (Play with; Dare with). Research shows, the Metaverse remains a mysterious space to the uninitiated. Not to mention, the gateway into the aforementioned is equally foreign if not existentially threatening to those who are asked to surrender their reality by putting on the Quest 2. As such, in order to attenuate our anxious insecurity to disconnect from reality, to afford feelings of safety, and to ultimately nurture our childlike innocence for play, the word Oculus is color treated to promote union, togetherness, and strength with "us" highlighted from the name Oculus. The call to action is consistent with Mark's original vision to "give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together." In this case, we can play, dare, and dream together with the Oculus, Quest 2.  

T  H  E    R  E  S  U  L  T  S     


In Oculus we trust

April 1 - May 1, 2022 post campaign analysis:

increase in sales of VR headsets

50% increase in purchase conversions

1.7% increase in add-to-cart conversions


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Tools Used


Dynamic Ads

Personalize your ads
without any manual work




Show up to 10 images
or videos in a single



Photo Ads

Engage your fans 
with photo ads.



Ads in Stories

Share your value offer with
full-screen ads.




Derive better strategies
based on analysis.




Promote Oculus products

to an engaged audience.


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