Skip TheLine

Skip TheLine: Responsive Website

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Challenge: To design and

create a responsive website experience that promotes

the Skip TheLine mobile

application to our target

market audience

Capacity: Demonstrate my design process, structured approach to developing the marketing site, and awareness of responsive design principles.

TimelineJan 14, 2022 to January 18, 2022 

Goal: Communicate what is Skip TheLine and how it will deliver value to end users through creative use of storytelling, copywriting, and visual design.

Mobile: Figma Link

Tools: Figma & Adobe Creative Suite

Problem Space

In Skip TheLine, the problem space is long lineup waiting times that is undermining the experience of Canadians for in-store grocery shoppers, especially when they are busy and lack time. Skip TheLine allows people to cut the line and save time by repurposing our powerful cellphones as an item scanner to add items to cart at the store, pay on the phone, and leave the store by allowing staff to scan the barcode electronic proof of payment. It is no secret the name of the app was inspired to be catchy and conveys information about the app functionality.

Target Audience

In terms of target audience, Skip TheLine is loved by a range of in-store grocery shoppers from all walks of life who uses both iOs and Android products from 30-65 years young. Skip TheLine’s agenda to be warm, empathetic, and welcoming dictates that we try to make Skip TheLine more accessible as possible in order to tackle such a pervasive, relatable issue. Skip TheLine is tailored for people, like mothers with multiple kids or people with a busy schedule, that are interested in technologies or ways that can help them effectively save time at the grocery store. As a corollary, our target users would have past experience, sufficient access, and basic knowledge with technologies.

Tone & Voice

In terms of tone, voice, and communication intention, Skip TheLine is supposed to conjure a feeling of warmth and empathy, which further manifest a sense of reliability, reassurance, and calm. The aforementioned is necessary and perfect to attenuate anxiety at crowded stores. Therefore, people can relax, be happy, and function properly. Skip TheLine handle users with sincerity and respect with their information (i.e banking info). This is reflected in the app product and the marketing desktop and mobile website. For example, the high quality rendered images of produce and items, as shown here, convey a sense of competency, professionalism, and mastery. Therefore, users know they can trust us with their sensitive information.

Group 416.png

Brand Colors

Motivated by the evolution of human beings as primates who foraged in the jungle, the goal of this forest green is to communicate with users subconsciously that on top of hunting for animals for meat, we used to also survive on a herbivorous diet from the basic vegetations on earth. That is why this forest green was chosen for our grocery app.

Ellipse 55.png

Research suggest, carrot colors are the colors that most evoke feelings of appetite, which reminds people of food and organics (as opposed to inanimate objects like plastics which are artificial and man made). Carrot orange are frequently used by food industries to remind people of fresh produce, which is associated with the fundamental human urge of hunger and feeding.

Ellipse 56.png

Dark blue conveys a sense of oceanic calm and timeless royalty. Also, dark blue conveys a sense of modernism (as opposed to datedness), judicious prudence, and unmistakable luxury, which creates feelings of trust that is important when the app handles sensitive money transactions.

Ellipse 57.png


Roboto is used for the entire project to maintain consistency. A singular type will help customers make quick associations with the Skip TheLine brand. In terms of practicality, this font is quite versatile and understood by many. Therefore, it is consistent with the brand in that it is inclusive and more welcoming than exclusive.